closed die forging, upset forging
Erie Tool and Forge
- Founded in 1983 by Robert Richardson -
25035 N. Center Road • Springboro, Pa 16435 • Phone: (814) 587-2841 • Fax: (814) 587-3275 • Email:
Save time, cut costs and still get quality


With five forging units, Erie Tool & Forge can handle prototype to volume runs of parts ranging from a few ounces to 60-pounds.

Materials forged include carbon, alloy, chrome-moly, aluminum, copper and stainless steel. We offer both closed die forging as well as upset forging processes.

Among the wide variety of parts made are tie down hooks, conveyor flight ends, C-clamps, and chain components (hooks, links, chain, etc.), and forged valves. If it can be forged, we can produce it!

In-house tooling means rapid delivery of your part, from protoype to production.

Secondary operations, including drilling, face milling, threading, coining, cold trimming and more are also available at Erie Tool & Forge, making us a one-stop source for all your forging needs.

The Erie Tool & Forge capabilities are detailed throughout our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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